Rock, Paper, and Scissors

Rock, Paper, and Scissors.. Aw, man! Remember those times? I mean, who needed iPhones when all you really needed was your bear hands and a couple of friends. Classic hand-for-hand showoff. One winner. One loser. All you had to do to win was counteract your opponent’s move. & yes, I am being over-dramatic. That’s the intention. Forget […]

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Really?  Out of all the things you could be thinking about and that’s what you’re focused on!? Why in the world would I want a Capri Sun? Seriously, Cliff, where’s your head at right now? …those were my thoughts. Cliff had other things on his mind. FORGET THE CAPRI SU– you’re gushing blood from your […]

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INT: I should’ve said it back

I should’ve said it back. Maybe none of this would’ve happened if I did. What am I talking about? I’ll get to that later. But for now, and for the first time in my life, I’m going to write something with a heavy-heart and tears in my eyes. No editing. No breaks. Just writing and […]

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